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Yesterday’s Fair Tax Email

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Dear FairTax supporters,

There is much to say in this, “the morning after,” email so I’ll be brief as I share a few thoughts about the FairTax in the days ahead. is non-partisan, but I know the same cannot be said for many of our supporters. And, as such, I suspect yesterday’s results came as a disappointment for some. For me, I look at things through many lenses–as a father, as a taxpayer, as an American, as National Communications Director for For my role in particular, I see both challenges and incredible opportunities in the days ahead for our great cause.

Let me explain.

In the past year, the FairTax has achieved historical support in Congress mostly via Republican backing in the House and Senate. With yesterday’s returns, GOP ranks–including FairTax supporters–were thinned both by retirement decisions and the ballot box, meaning come January we’ll be rebuilding our co-sponsorship levels. Yet, that challenge is a welcome one for it affords us the opportunity to remind grassroots supporters, as well as national political figures, that the FairTax is not a Republican issue. Nor is it Democrat. It’s an American one and in this, one of our darkest financial hours in decades, it’s the solution we need to save the American economy.

So for Republicans or Democrats (or any other political stripe for that matter) with their retirement or college savings plans being decimated by a falling stock market, the FairTax is the solution. For Republicans or Democrats trying to make their mortgage payments and keep a roof over their heads, the FairTax is the solution (after all, most banks don’t bother asking your political party when foreclosing). For Republicans or Democrats whose jobs were shipped overseas for cheaper production costs and favorable taxation, the FairTax is the solution. And for a way to jumpstart the American economy with a $10 trillion dollar stimulus program funded with private investments, the FairTax is the solution.

You know, we heard a lot about change this election and we couldn’t agree more. Let’s us focus on real change: Bringing power back to people, not just powerful Washington insiders. Don’t think for a second that “our enemy” is either Democrats or Republicans. Indeed, the tax code is manipulated by both parties in Congress alike with reckless abandon to punish enemies and reward supporters at the hands of well-heeled lobbyists and their privileged access to Congressional tax-writing committees. Ending that practice is the kind of change we seek.

So what happens now?

In short: We press on. We’ll be working hard to forge new relationships in Washington, while continuing to grow our base at the grassroots level online and via new offline activities, including our new FairTax Advanced Tactics “camp.” State leaders are forging ahead with new strategies to help each other and expand the base outside our centers of strength. We’ve seen several FairTax “distorters” turned back at the polls. We’ve made incredible progress in the past year, and we plan to continue that momentum. Our campaign has always been the people of America–of all political beliefs–versus the entrenched interests that surround the income tax system. In this, nothing has changed. We need now to work harder than ever to tell union members how the FairTax will keep jobs here in America, and explain to political leaders how the FairTax can unburden the poor, give small business the needed tax freedom to form and prosper and unlock the genius of American productivity and investment.

Furthermore, leadership is continuing to work to bring in new high-profile advocates, including some key Democrat leadership figures. We’re also thrilled to announce a closer relationship with Governor Mike Huckabee, the former GOP presidential candidate and major FairTax supporter. As you know, Huck helped gain national attention for the FairTax during his run for the White House. Look for promotion of the FairTax on his new Fox show “Huckabee,” on radio and in print with his new book, Do the Right Thing, in the coming days.

As you can see, the days ahead hold incredible opportunity for the FairTax cause. Let’s go!


Ken Hoagland
National Communications Director


Leave it to Government to mess up a good thing.

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This post is in response to Pastor Steve’s post Absolutely Unbelievable.

I will start off by copying the comment I left on his blog, then expound.

While I disagree with you on some of the principal of the AIG issue, it is terrible that the Church cannot continue this program to help its members in light of all the handouts government has doled out lately. I would be interested to know on what grounds they could fine the Church for this program. I also hope there is a work around so that we can continue SOAR, without that threat. I’m sure that you already have people looking into that. Silly government, getting involved in everyone’s lives.

Why I disagree about AIG:
Whether or not the government should have bailed out AIG, I don’t know, and I haven’t done enough research into that issue. The reason I don’t have a problem with their spending on this retreat is as follows. “AIG insiders yesterday admitted after the hearing that the company paid for the retreat but said it was designed as a reward for a group of high performing self-employed life insurance agents – not AIG executives.” If AIG had not spent this money on this retreat for these agents, and another insurance firm approached these agents and said “AIG did not follow through on this reward for you, we won’t do that.” You would likely see a lot of agents no longer selling AIGs products, and therefore worsening AIG’s financial situation. Going through with this retreat was a business decision, and I think a good one.

Government handouts:
Not only did the government give billions of dollars to AIG, but they also have created the 700 billion dollar bailout that has done nothing so far. In addition we spend billions every year on entitlement programs such as unemployment, welfare, social security, etc., etc. that we get forced to pay for at gun point. Then when we try to, through a charitable organization, provide similar aid there’s all kinds of flaming hoops and red tape to go through. I think one of the driving reasons behind this is that people in government like the power they have, and want to 1. make sure they keep it, and 2. get more of it. If government controls peoples’ well being, via their income, via welfare they control the people. If the people have other organizations to depend on, LWFC for example, they will not depend on government as much. If they depend on government less, government has less control/power. If government has less power, government is not happy. Therefore they pass tax laws to ensure that people cannot get the aid they need from private charities and therefore have to depend on government. In addition, they take money that people may be willing to pay to private charities away, by taxing it away from them to pay for government programs before the people have a chance to donate it.

The Solution:
The Fair Tax. Under the Fair Tax all federal taxes would be paid through a national retail sales tax. There would be no need for the Church to worry about tax filing and tax laws and tax fines and all that stuff. There would be no need for people that give money to the church to worry about “writing off charitable donations”. All tax transactions and requirements would be satisfied every time you, the Church, or myself purchased a new good or service, the end. Our program continues, the taxes get paid on that money on those cards when the people buy goods from the store with those cards, everybody goes home happy, well everyone except government because they will obviously have much less power, but as far as I’m concerned that is a good thing.

Fair Tax Email

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Dear FairTax supporters,

    Here are four things you can do to save the nation now:

  1. Make a contribution the FairTax cause
  2. Tell at least two friends about the FairTax now
  3. Post a FairTax widget or banner
  4. Check out our 2008 Election Guide

At the heart of the financial meltdown now bedeviling Americans is a simple and profoundly ignored fact that does not require an advanced degree in economics to understand: Our government spends more than it takes in—a lot more.

Sure, regulators could have done a better job but, in truth, politicians at every level have frustrated attempts to blow the whistle on bad loans, bad reporting and bad ethics. Why? Because politicians have been buying our votes with our money—and our future earnings—for a long time. And they don’t want any interference from those they are “helping.”

It’s not just the naked bribes represented by “earmarks” for hometown voters; it is new entitlement programs like the prescription drug benefit, new rules governing the behavior of favored banks and investment houses and a headlong rush to buy the votes of the poor by guaranteeing home ownership, irrespective of one’s financial ability to repay a loan. Lest we forget, let’s also add up all the special tax breaks for favored contributors that have bloated income tax code rules to 67,500 pages. It’s a bi-partisan betrayal of our future cloaked as concern for the common good.

Although our nation was founded on the principle that the citizen was sovereign, government spending increases and more and more taxes taken from our earnings, savings and investments have effectively transformed the American citizen into a serf working another’s land for the privilege of taking a fraction of the fruits of his or her own labor.

Just Trust Us

“Trust us,” we are told. “We have the best interests of the nation at heart.” Citizens are now left with no rational choice to protect savings, college plans, and investments but to accept the new aristocracies’ trillion dollar picking of our pockets to prop up institutions that must function. It is not the first time in recent years that we have accepted the grasping hand of the federal government in our wallets to avert a disaster not of our making.

In 1983 a “Blue Ribbon” panel of similar leaders including Alan Greenspan, Daniel Patrick Moynihan and others “saved” Social Security from another big collapse by dramatically raising taxes on earnings of up to $97,500 annually. The promise, then, was that Baby Boomers would actually “pre-fund” their own retirement with astoundingly increased taxes, decades ahead of time. It was also promised as relief to the coming generations so they would be free of crippling taxes. Sounded good.

Lo and behold, the trillions of dollars taken in since then—far exceeding promised payments to senior citizens—have since been spent on everything else. Turns out, that it was nothing more than a new tax levied on those with earnings below $97,500 a year so executive and legislative branch office holders could have more of our money to spend extravagantly on “us” so they could win new terms in office. The FICA payroll tax has become a major factor in keeping the poor that way, retarding new business growth and keeping middle-class earners from moving up. Worst, it also turns out that our children and grandchildren will, in fact, still be burdened an ever-growing and mind-numbing national debt AND unbelievably high FICA taxes to support their parents.

In yet another example of playing fast and loose with politics and our money, 1986 saw Congress reject the tax policies of the Reagan administration and as consequence, the Savings and Loan industry collapsed. Turns out the definition of the tax value of real estate holdings had been changed overnight by the House Ways and Means Committee and banks no longer met liquidity rules. That politically inspired cat fight cost American taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars. And worse, we didn’t learn.

It is past time–way past time–for hometown America to save America from our well-intentioned but criminally incompetent, at best, and cynically corrupted , at worst, national leadership. Do we have a moment to lose? Do we really need any more examples of how the new aristocracy can—and will—destroy the pursuit of happiness?

The reform that can save the nation and restore our identity as citizens who have empowered and limited government (instead of the other way around) is called the FairTax.

Because the FairTax allows every American to take home everything that is earned without any federal withholding, millions of distressed homeowners could actually afford home mortgage payments. The elimination of FICA taxes eliminates the highly regressive Social Security and Medicate tax but the FairTax provides a far broader stream of revenue into these faltering programs. Because the FairTax eliminates all exemptions, gimmicks and loopholes, Congress would be removed from the ability to buy votes with tax giveaways and billionaires pay taxes when they spend money. Because the FairTax makes nearly all federal government taxes entirely transparent, the sovereign citizen can know the score and put the brakes on extravagant new spending. Because the FairTax eliminates the price advantage now enjoyed by overseas producers, American jobs won’t be leaving our shores. In fact, because the FairTax makes the USA the most favorable tax environment in the world, we can expect trillions of dollars of investment rushing into the US economy. With the FairTax, our money is ours first and only secondly devoted to government. Savings growth, investments and business decisions are guided by opportunity and real progress instead of tax avoidance tactics.

We’ve lost more than $2 trillion of our retirement savings in a week’s time and our kid’s future at college is in serious jeopardy. This didn’t happen by accident but at the hands of the very same people who have given the FairTax a cold shoulder. Those candidates and incumbents of either party who would spend our future earnings to stay in office and who reject the FairTax for similarly self-interested reasons now need a strong reminder from voters about whose offices they occupy. Please pay attention to our voting guide and send that message.

Finally, our campaign needs your help—as always. We never have enough to do the job right. Send us a contribution if you can, even in these hard times. It may turn out to be the best investment you ever made. If you can’t afford a donation, then help us by recruiting two new supporters. And keep your cards, letters, phone calls, faxes and e-mails going to incumbents and candidates.

The plain fact is, we either now save ourselves from our new aristocracy or suffer the consequences as modern day serfs in a nation never contemplated by our Founding Fathers.


Ken Hoagland
National Communications Director


If you would prefer sending a check or credit card contribution by mail, please download and print our contribution form here.

Contributions to Americans For Fair Taxation are not tax deductible because we lobby for you in Washington, D.C.

Palin Interview with Charles Gibson

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Man, Charles really showed his colors in this one. I missed Thursday night’s segment of the interview, but I saw the 20/20 interview on Friday. The whole show, outside of what they covered of Ike, seemed like they were just trying to bring her down. I haven’t seen anything like this on Obama, or Biden. In fact when Gibson interviewed Obama it was like he was throwing him BP (batting practice). Gibson was condescending in his tone, and even accusatory at times. I really don’t have a problem with them asking tough questions, in fact I want tough questions, but I want both sides to be asked tough questions. I also want the guy to show some respect, Charles Gibson hasn’t got the guts to run for office, and if he did run he’d be obliterated I’m sure, so the least he can do is show some respect for someone who has got the guts.

There were certain questions that were based on a faulty premise, or were asked in a way to try to trap her. One question was “What are three things you are going to do different from Bush’s economic policy to fix the economy?” The faulty premise here is that you need to do three things “different”. I would contend that there probably are three things that would need to be different, but I would also contend that there are a lot of things that Bush did that need to be taken further. There’s other things that weren’t necessarily Bush’s policy, but have just been the policy all along that need to be done differently. Of course once she gave three things she would do, Gibson asked the question again, basically trying to say “Its just going to be four more years of Bush if you elect these people.” Which is not accurate.

I would have really liked if part of her answer to that question was, “We’re going to try to implement the fair tax.” That didn’t happen though, I don’t know where she stands on the Fair Tax, but even if she supports it, McCain currently does not, and she can’t go against what he’s going to say.

Another area Gibson tried to trap her was by asking (paraphrased) “You say you want to cut spending, and decrease the government. Are you looking to cut spending in the area of entitlements?” Palin answered the question saying that she would look for efficiencies in all government agencies, which means that she may cut some entitlements if she finds they are being abused, and she’s going to cut down on the bureaucracy. I feel like that answered the question, obviously she can’t come out and say “If there are entitlement abuses we’ll cut them,” because that gives the sound byte “Palin wants to cut entitlements.” Gibson asked that question 3 times.

Gibson also lied about stem cell research. After asking Palin her position on stem cell research she said that she supports adult stem cell research (ASCR) but didn’t see the need to create and destroy life to do embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) when we have adult stem cell research. Gibson’s reply included the statement that “Researchers see a lot more potential in embryonic stem cell research than in adult.” That is an outright lie. Even though the government does not currently fund ESCR it is still going on with private dollars, they have had zero breakthroughs, and zero benefits discovered, where ASCR has had numerous breakthroughs and discoveries. You tell me, no results vs. lots of results, which one shows more potential?

This just goes to show you that the mainstream media in this country has thrown out the concept of journalistic objectivity in exchange for becoming a part of the left wing machine. And news outlets are no longer news outlets, but instead left wing opinion outlets.