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on the state of American Christianity

Posted in Church, Political with tags , on December 13, 2008 by Justin

Nichole posted a blog that someone she knew had written, and then asked for responses, below is the comment I left in response.

I’m going to break my response down by concept.

“Christianity as a political facade”:
For those Christians that happen to be involved politically, or politicians that claim to be Christians this may be true in some cases, but for your average, everyday American Christian, like you or I this is simply not the case. Your average American Christian often doesn’t care about politics except every four years when the presidential beauty contest rolls around.

“the persons who founded this country were no more followers of Christ than the plane hijackers of Nine-Eleven.”:
In the cases of some of those people this is true, but others probably were really Christians. How can we 200+ years later look back on what was written about someone’s life and determine where their heart was with God. Especially when many people contest that its not our place to judge a persons salvation if they claim to be Christians when we know them on a personal level today.

“Christian’s duty to submit to authorities in the fourteenth chapter of Romans.”:
As this pertains to the people that were involved in the American revolution, these people chose to leave the authority of England for the Americas so they could live and worship freely, then England came along and tried to control what they did not establish. In addition, there were people in the American Colonies that did not come here from England, and somehow found themselves under British rule. The Revolutionary war was not about not submitting to authority, but rather if the country/people claiming authority really had that authority. Also, does submission to authority include supporting immorality? Its my personal opinion that the way the people living in the colonies were treated was immoral. They sent paper to diplomatically declare independence, and the British sent troops to kill them in response. The people that fought in the war were only acting in self defense, and in defense of their neighbors.

Selling our goods and not keeping storehouses:
The Bible also says that when we give our storehouses will be blessed, if we don’t have storehouses, they cannot be blessed. IRAs and 401ks also generate a source of income (fruit) if we have no income/fruit later in life when we may not be able to find employment because of our age; how can we tithe and give? If we don’t store up for ourselves by via retirement account (401k/IRA) then we’ll have to live off of social security, I thought we were supposed to look after ourselves and not be dependent on others. Or what about the fact that we are supposed to provide for our Children’s grandchildren; how can you accomplish this if you don’t have storehouses. In the passage in Luke 12 Jesus says, “Be on your guard against all kinds of greed.” Not “be on your guard against having stuff.” Greed is defined as the love of money, not having money, or seeking to have money. Furthermore, it takes money to accomplish the things that God wants to accomplish, if we don’t have it, we can’t accomplish them. If you have been led to give, and you don’t in favor of putting money in your storehouse, that is a problem, but if you give what you are led to give, and still have money left to put in your storehouse, there is nothing wrong with that.

Christians being too busy fighting political battles to raise their kids and such:
This is only a select few. As I stated earlier, most Christians are mostly uninterested in these issues. However, the one’s that are *solely* interested in these issues are probably setting back the proper will of God which is to see the whole world come to know Him.

“stop whining that our tax dollars are going to support the undeserving and remember that Jesus’ blood was spilt for us who are thousand times more undeserving.”:
I agree that we should stop whining about it, the appropriate response is two fold. 1. Give to charities that effectively help those in need. 2. Go through the appropriate channels to lobby our government to decrease our tax burden, while maintaining respect for authority.