The US Government Is Chrysler’s Biggest Problem

On the Neal Boortz show today one of the things he discussed was the current state of affairs at Chrysler. Mainly he addressed the fact that the best selling cars at Chrysler, the ones that are keeping the company afloat are Jeeps (the whole line, not just Wranglers), muscle cars (Challenger, Charger, Viper), Trucks (Ram), and minivans. The government problems are two fold, however. The first is C.A.F.E.(Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards which require Chrysler to manufacture highly fuel efficient cars (that don’t necessarily sell that well in the US) to offset the lower fuel economy of trucks, SUVs and muscle cars, therefore raising the overall average to the government mandated level (which is on the rise, I do believe). Secondly, the current administration, which has semi taken over the company, wants “more fuel efficient cars” to be part of the program to get Chrysler back on track. Given what Chrysler’s more popular cars are, this is a bad idea.


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