Stem Cells

First I want to clarify that Obama did *NOT* lift a ban on stem cell research. There never was any such ban of any kind. What he lifted was a ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. This is important to recognize because *adult* stem cell research has been receiving federal funding all along, and *embryonic* stem cell research was still going on, but only funded by private money, instead of with taxpayer money.

I oppose this move, for two very distinct reasons. The first is that I don’t believe that funding this research fits within the constitutional role of government in the first place. In fact, I don’t believe that there is a constitutional basis for federal funding of any research other than towards the end of protecting this country from foreign invasion. Nearly everything else should be funded by the private sector. (I say nearly because their may be one or two other things that fit within the constitutional role of government that I haven’t thought of off the top of my head.)

The second is that I do not support the creation of human life for the purpose of destroying, especially when there have been more scientific breakthroughs concerning adult stem cells, (which do not require taking life to acquire) than their have been with embryonic stem cells. I also don’t agree with the concept that it is okay to create and destroy thousands of human lives to do research to potentially save hundreds.

Finally I want to point out that the man that started stem cell research said “If the thought of destroying human embryos for research purposes doesn’t give you pause, then you haven’t thought about it long enough.” This issue is not an issue of “science v. ideology” as Obama stated in his speech, but rather an issue of ethics in science.


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