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SC on the way to lifting MMA Ban

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This is something I originally posted for MMAFrenzy, but I wanted to re-post it here, I hope you don’t mind, Kris.

The bill in the South Carolina State Legislature for the lifting of the state’s MMA ban hit the house floor yesterday, and was passed Unanimously in a 57-0 vote, according to MMAJunkie. The bill still has to pass the state’s Senate, which is expected, before going into effect, making the Palmetto state the 38th state in the country to regulate MMA.

The state will join Tennessee and Pennsylvania as some of the most recent states to regulate MMA. There are a few states that don’t have athletic commissions and therefore don’t regulate MMA, but also don’t ban it.


A bit too far?

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So I recently was put on to this idea…. Wallypop Family Wipes. I’m sorry, but that takes natural living a bit too far for me, what do you think?

Stimulus Fail

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So, PresBO has signed the so called Stimulus Bill, or as Mike Huckabee refers to it the Congressional Relief Action Program (C.R.A.P. Video below). On the heels of this huge spending bills passage, and signing, the DOW took a huge dive today. For those of us that knew where this was going, this does not come as a surprise. I would also like to take this time to point out that the economy was worse when Reagan took office than it is now, according to several economic indicators like Interest Rates, Inflation, and Unemployment, and he did the exact opposite of what PresBO is planning…

Good Post

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Former UFC Welterweight Champion Matt Hughes wrote a new post on his blog yesterday about gun control. Rather than try to get into it, and tell you what he said, here’s a link it’s good stuff.

More “Change”

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One of the promises made by Obama and the Democrats during the campaign this year, was that they would allow the public five days to read over bills before passing them. Well, they’ve already gone back on that. Apparently this “stimulus” (read: spending) bill they are attempting to pass now is “too important” to read. The version of the bill to be voted on today was not completed until 6:00 pm yesterday. In order for our representatives and senators to read through the bill in its entirety between then and 9:00 am this morning they would have to read at 640 words per minute non stop, starting at 6:00 pm yesterday. Not only are they going back on their word to allow us five days to read a bill, they aren’t even giving themselves enough time to read the bill.

It is an injustice to the American people for them to vote on and pass this bill without reading it. Without going into the details of the bill, this is nothing but a pork spending bill filled with pet projects and vote buying. The bill would put the country into debt that will still be around decades from now, and they won’t even have time to read it before they vote on it. Write or call your representatives and Senators today and let them know that you do not want them to go through with this just so Nancy Pelosi can make her flight to Rome on time.

Under the Radar

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A lot has gone on in the world of MMA in the last four weeks.

  1. Mauricio Rua looked less than impressive in getting back in the win column against the aging, and clearly out of gas Mark Coleman.
  2. Dan Henderson fought Rich Franklin at Light Heavyweight to garner yet another decision victory. This victory locked in his position as the US coach for “The Ultimate Fighter 9: US v. UK” which will presumable lead to a bout at Middleweight against UK coach Michael Bisping.
  3. Fedor Emelianenko obliterated yet another former UFC champion, who the UFC no longer saw fit to employ.
  4. Vitor Belfort showed that he can still be a devastating fighter with his scary KO of Matt Lindland, but then immediately showed he doesn’t care about stringing together wins and called out Fedor.
  5. Jens Pulver got beaten for the third consecutive time, leading him to consider calling it a career.
  6. A controversial illegal knee put Jamie Varner’s career at risk, but at this point no news seems to be good news for his return.
  7. Nate Diaz finally lost, hopefully the first of many.
  8. Eight Consecutive fights went to a decision.
  9. Lyoto Machida finally put on an exciting showing. KOing Thiago Silva just before the bell at the end of round 1
  10. BJ Penn got obliterated by GSP, then we got “Grease Gate”.
  11. ProElite Assets were sold, but ProElite still exists, but now Strikeforce has a lot more fighters, and now the fighters are (presumably) out of limbo.
  12. Dan Miller stepped in and won on short notice, again.
  13. Anthony Johnson once again confirmed that he’s got a lot of potential.
  14. Mac Danzig is working on securing his position as one of the worst TUF winners, he has now lost twice consecutively.
  15. Joe Lauzon confirmed that he’s a real contender at 155
  16. The point of listing all that is to show just how many significant things have taken place in the past four weeks alone, in the world of MMA. You’ll notice, however, that the title of this entry is “Under the Radar.” The reason for that is, that something has flown in, “under the radar.” In the midst of everything that’s gonna, with all the coverage of both the ProElite/Strikeforce deal, and “Grease Gate”, there is one story that no one seems to be covering:

    Zuffa, LLC. has just completed a string of four consecutive weeks where they put on a ten fight card (Zuffa, LLC. is the parent company of both the UFC and the WEC). That’s forty fights in four weeks folks. Each fight takes two combatants, so that’s eighty fighters. They take a week off for Valentine’s, then they have another three week stretch with events every week. Two of those cards have eleven fights scheduled, and one has ten.* That’s a further thirty-two fights, and sixty-four fighters.

    If you’re following along and doing the math, you’ve figured out by now that by March 8, Zuffa, LLC will have put on seven events in eight weeks. The total number of fights will be seventy-two, and fighters involved one hundred forty-four. I don’t care who you are, that’s impressive. Some people have complained about the lack of big names on the cards of some of these events, but all of the events still include/d intriguing match-ups. But what the people that make those complaints fail to realize is the sheer magnitude of one company being able to put on seven MMA events in eight weeks. The magnitude of this accomplishment grows even more when you realize that just five years ago, in 2004, Zuffa put on a sum total for the whole year of five events. They had the same total in 2003, and only had six in 2002.

    A lot of people seem to want to jump on the “Bash UFC/Zuffa bandwagon” because they claim that they “don’t pay their fighters enough.” These people claim that Zuffa, LLC should follow in Affliction’s footsteps and off the fighters larger purses. What these people are ignoring, is the sheer volume of fighters who are getting paid to do what they love. Affliction only has a stable of just over twenty fighters, and has only put on two events in the course of seven months, while Zuffa puts on seven events in two (a very striking comparison of ratios events:months Affliction – 2:7 Zuffa – 7:2). Affliction may be raising the bar of pay for the top tier fighters, but Zuffa is raising the bar for the number fighters getting paid. If you are a true fan of the sport of MMA, I think you’ll find the latter to be more beneficial.

    *Portions of these cards remain rumors at this point, as they are not officially posted on the organizations’ websites.

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The PresBO Impolosion

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It didn’t take long for the Obama administration to demonstrate that it wasn’t quite up to task. After the much celebrated victory of a campaign based on the promises of “Hope” and “Change”, Obama took office on January 20. Even before taking Office, he had already appointed some of the former Clintonian staff to his incoming cabinet. Upon taking office he proceeded to appoint not one, not two, but three people with tax problems, two of which have since rescinded their appointments. His first major bill is now stumbling out of the gate like a sprinter who pulled a hammy in the blocks, but don’t take my word for it.

Charles Krauthammer has a nice write up about the early failures of the Obama administration over at