Fedor: Baddest Man On The Planet?

This week, a one hour show documenting the training, and background of MMA fighter Fedor Emelianenko aired on FSN. The show was titled “Fedor: Baddest Man On The Planet”, but I really have to question that title at this point. Yes, Fedor is 29-1 with his only loss coming by a cut in a promotion that stopped the fight if you were cut, regardless of the severity of that cut. Yes, he’s fought a who’s who of fighters over his career. But, lets take a look at the last three and half years of that career. He has fought three legitimate opponents in that time frame, which that number is even up to debate. The three I include as legitimate are CroCop in August of 2005, Matt Lindland (who normally fights at 185 lbs), and Big Doofy (aka Tim Sylvia). A lot of people don’t even deem Tim Sylvia a legitimate opponent for the “Pound for Pound” best fighter in the world. As a matter of fact, Sylvia had a 1-2 record on his last three fights going into the Fedor fight, the one win coming against an undersized, and recently under performing, Brandon Vera. So, that takes it down to two legit opponents, but as I already mentioned, Lindland fights at 185lbs, so he was considerably undersized against Fedor, but in actuality, did pretty well against him before Fedor grabbed the ropes long enough to get top position on Lindland, and eventually submitting him.

Fedor has consistently taken six months off between fights, and fought lower caliber fighters since that August 2005 fight with CroCrop. He also keeps sustaining mysterious hand injuries in his fights. Then we have to consider that, outside of Quinton Jackson, most of the former PRIDE fighters that have made their way to the UFC have been less than impressive. Jackson, is the exception to that rule, I believe, because he is a far better fighter now than he ever was in PRIDE. This calls into question the actual ability of many of Fedor’s previous opponents, further diminishing his record.

Fedor’s fight Saturday, with Andrei Arlovski will go a long way in restoring some of his mystic, if he can pick up the victory. However, Arlovski himself was cut from the UFC. I personally think that there are at least three fighters in the UFC that could beat Fedor, if not more. I even think that Matt Lindland would have done better in the Octagon than he did in their fight, which took place in a ring.

Fedor is a bad man, and he has a strong record to back that, but in this writer’s opinion, his most recent fights have not served to further the mystic that he is the “baddest man on the planet.” Also, the recent record of many of his previous opponents in PRIDE serves to dull some of the luster of those victories. In order to regain some of that mystic, Fedor needs to either fight Josh Barnett, or drop his managers and sign the exclusive contract to fight in the UFC (and win) … that is, if he gets past the Pitbull Saturday. A loss Saturday would clearly support the claims of this article, and firmly remove the “baddest man on the planet” title from Fedor’s shoulders.


4 Responses to “Fedor: Baddest Man On The Planet?”

  1. Where to begin, let me state that in the Matt Linland fight, Matt weighed in at a crazy 212lbs which is almost 30lbs over his normal fighting weight, and clearly without the grabbing of the ropes that Fedor so famously did, I believe that the fight would have been slightly different (well longer) yet with the same outcome Fedor by armbar 🙂

    Is Fedor the baddest man on the planet as Jay Glazer would love for us to believe, hell I dont know, he is the best HW in the MMA world imo but damn he does need to step up in the caliber of opponents.. AA is a tough sob, but lets remind everyone why he is no longer the UFC HW champion he got his ass whooped, and the guy that he has been 1~2 against got made into a commercial via ass whooping from Fedor… Does AA have the talent to beat Fedor perhaps, but does he have the heart to do so? Im not soo sure, this isnt a boxing match as Freddie Roach would like you believe, and AA cant stop a take down for the life of him at this moment… Has AA looked impressive in his last two fights, ehhhh not against Big Country I dont think he did, against Big Ben ya he was impressive but he was fighting a guy that dominated the IFL, which is like fighting a mid level opponent, not to take anything away from Ben but he simply isnt a elite fighter… AA is 14~5 with his notable wins including Big Ben, Werdum, Cruz, Timmehh, Cabbage, The Janitor… His notable losses include Rodriguez, Pedro Rizzo, Timmeehh 2x….. AA hasnt even came close to fighting someone the caliber of Fedor, this is a test for Andrei and his chin, we know he is crazy athletic, decent sambo and has a great nickname and a wonderful beard but does he stand a chance?

    Fedor Is the tops of the HW division of MMA easily definately…. 29~1~0 that is a great record unreal, and yes by the rules of the RINGS org he has a loss he ISN’T undefeated…But as you have pointed out there are some questionable decision making going on in regards to the fights the great Fedor signs too…. Like most recently fighting Hong Man Choi, or the crazy tough 26 seconds v Wagner da Conceicao Martins, or Naoyo Ogawa and Yujia Nagata, who you might ask exactly…..
    He has had some great fights like the 2005 bout against CC or the bouts against Big Nog, and he has come a really long way since his PRIDE debut against Schilt.. Fedor missing the GP in ’06 is the biggest question mark for me, his hand injury that switched hands depending on who answered the questions…. The only test for Fedor except for him goin to the UFC is fighting Josh Barnett in the next Affliction card (if that even happens), many of us believe that Barnett is the most difficult opponent that Fedor could and should face…

    Thats just a bit of what I think of Fedor and the situation at “hand”, Fedor by choke 1st round


  2. Thanks FR, way to write a comment nearly as long as the post…haha.

  3. SOO is he the baddest man on the planet?

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