War “John Koppenhaver” Machine is an idiot

I recently read the myspace blog of former UFC fighter, War “John Koppenhaver” Machine. This is the same idiot who changed his name because TNA wrestling wanted to call one of their wrestlers by his nickname, then proceeded to get himself cut by the UFC by first turning down a fight because his opponent was “a no name”, and then openly bad mouthing the late Evan Tanner, shortly after his death.

Now this [sarcams]class act[/sarcasm] has decided to give us his political commentary, due to the harsh language he uses, I will place this below a jump so that you can make the decision for yourself if you want to read it.

I have copied the screen capture I found at fightlinker

Now for my response:
“..are so happy because of ‘change’?? Ain’t sh*t gonna change.”
Some things will change, though likely not as much as his supporters had hoped.

“All he is is a rich white guy with a dark tan..lol”
That’s just idiotic.

“F**k any president that was RICH before he came into office. How is some rich faggot(sic) gonna represent “the people” when he can’t under stand(sic) what it’s like to struggle?”
How is someone going to become president, if they aren’t rich enough to fund a campaign? And what about people that started from nothing, and on their own merit, struggled and became rich? I guess they’re out, too. So what you’re telling me is you want a poor person to be president. Well, the last I checked, poor people are poor for a reason, usually because of their bad decisions. I guarantee you would have more money, or at least the potential of more money if you hadn’t made the bad decisions that got you kicked out of the UFC.

“I hope someone smokes that f**ker and every president to come until they can actually give us a candidate that is truly one of THE PEOPLE.”
If you want someone that’s a candidate “of the people” so bad, you should run. By the way, you should be careful about saying you want a president dead, that could be construed as a threat against his life. Not to mention, if every president did get “smoked” until we got a candidate “of the people” I’m pretty sure nobody that meets that description would be interested in the job, considering they might get “smoked” too.

What kind of idiot changes their name to War Machine anyways?!?!

If War Machine really cares about politics he should stop wasting his time worrying about who the president is, or isn’t and start getting involved locally, since the local government has a much larger impact on his day to day life than the president does.


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