I probably should have written about this yesterday, but due to the presence of snow in our area I was stricken with a severe lack of focus, so I did very little that could be considered productive. President Elect Barack Obama officially took the “Elect” out of his title yesterday. This was a great day in American history, we once again showed the world what a peaceful transfer of power looks like. In addition to that, people in the know are saying that (now former) President Bush enabled one of the smoothest transitions they’ve seen in years, due to his overwhelming cooperation with the incoming administration, a far cry from the removal of “W”s from computer keyboards in 2001. President Obama joins a short list of Presidents who took the oath of office during a time of Crisis, joining Washington, FDR, Truman, and a few others.

As anyone that has read my blog before will know, I did not vote for Obama, and I do not support most the policies he campaigned on. I do however hope, for the sake of America, that he will be a success as president. I hope he does so with the policies I agree with, but I do hope he is a success, and that America gets turned around. I refuse to treat this president the way that some treated the last, I will respect the office, and not defame the president, however I will disagree with his policies where I see fit.

I’m sure by now many of you are wondering why, in my first paragraph, when I mentioned that yesterday was a “great day in American history”, I did not mention the fact that we have our first “African-American President”. I did this for several reasons. First, I hate hyphenated Americanism, unless you yourself emigrated to this country, you need no modifier in front of American. Someone who moved here from Africa and gained their citizenship is qualifies as African-American, even a “white” person from South Africa, but if you are born a citizen of this country you are simply American. Barack Obama was born a citizen, therefore he is simply American, or at least should be viewed as such. Second, some people voted for him, simply because of the color of his skin, and in my eyes that is no better than someone voting against him for the same reason. I believe it is a great thing that people have finally grown up enough that we can have a “black” president in this country. I do however believe that we still have a way to go as a country. We won’t have “arrived” at Dr. King’s dream until we can elect a president with no consideration of color, but only based on their qualifications for the job. I think yesterday was a step in that direction, because now we don’t have to worry about “the first black president”, since Obama has filled that position. Next time a “black” person runs for president, maybe skin color won’t matter to anyone, of any skin color, and we can look only at their merits as a person, and finally fulfill Dr. King’s dream, at least as it pertains the office of the presidency.

Oh, and I’ll leave you with this interesting little editorial cartoon I found, by the way, the picture is a link to its original location…


One Response to “PEBO now PBO”

  1. serendipity hopeful Says:

    Congratulations to President Obama and to all Americans.The peaceful and orderly transition of power is something you can rightly be proud of. Your ability to self-correct through the various stages of your nation’s history augur well for your future.

    As a foreigner who wants good things to happen in any and all parts of the world, I wish Americans will work more in harmony with their president. How successful Obama can be as American president will depend on how well his fellow-Americans can rein in their demands for their expectations to be satisfied.

    Keep the hopes alive

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