More Bailout Shenanigans

With the federal government handing out money left and right, I knew it wouldn’t be long before there someone that didn’t need a bailout, asked for bailout money. Well, it has happened but you might be surprised that it was the porn industry that made the request….but then again maybe not.

I found it unexpected that they would be asking for bailout money, in that I didn’t think that they would, but now that they have I’m not all that surprised. The reason for this being, I guess they decided if America was getting screwed they wanted to be a part of it…. sorry, bad pun. But seriously its not all that surprising to me. No one has ever accused the porn industry of being scrupulous. They’ve always preyed on weakness, and right now our federal government has shown a weakness in that they want to bail everyone out, and the porn industry wants to take advantage of that.

In other ridiculous government news, go check out Jenn’s blog, linked on the right, and read about the CPSIA .


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