Three things…

1. I’m disappointed with the non response to question posed on my previous post, I suppose that’s my fault for taking a long a week off and then trying to ask a question, but I even ended up giving you people two days to respond. I guess I still need to increase my readership.

2. Plaxico Burres shot himself in the leg Friday night. This is an interesting story for a few reasons. First of all he’s an idiot for shooting himself in the leg at a night club. Second he’s an idiot for illegally owning and carrying a hand gun. Third he’s an idiot for illegally taking an illegally owned gun to a night club especially when he obviously doesn’t properly know how to handle one. All that being said, a lot of the coverage on this story from ESPN has been about how football players shouldn’t have guns, and I strongly disagree with that.

Football players, just like any other citizen have every right to own and carry a firearm, as long as they do it the right way, and as long as they live in a state/city that allows it (disqualifying players for Chicago and the two New York City teams, when they’re in NYC and Illinois). Jared Allen is a hunter, he owns lots of guns, but he knows how to handle them, and he goes through the right legal channels to possess them, and no one is complaining about that. If a player for the Carolina Panthers wants to own and carry a firearm, they should. But, they should go to the Mecklenburg County sheriff and apply for a purchase permit, and they should go to the local firing range and take a safety course. Then they should go through the process and get their Concealed Carry Weapons Permit. (CCW) Plax was not in the wrong for owning a gun, he was in the wrong for not learning how to properly handle a gun, and because NYC has a ban on hand guns. Not to mention, even in NC you are disallowed, even with a CCW from carrying in an a bar.

To wrap this though up, “Football players have no business owning guns,” is a position and view point that is going to be put forth by people that think “People have no business owning guns.” If you think your or I or any other ordinary citizen should be able to own and carry a firearm, then you should support football players being able to do the same thing.

3. Wealth envy and is a form of negative self talk. Lets start by defining wealth envy; if you are someone that believes that “the rich aren’t paying their fair share in taxes” even though the top 25% of income earners in this country pay over 80% of the taxes, you suffer from wealth envy. If you think that it is morally wrong for someone to spend $500k on a parking space next to the ski lifts in Vail, because if they get hurt skiing the EMT that will be taking care of them can’t afford that parking space, you suffer from wealth envy. If you think that people that are successful in life and make more money than you, do so because they are “more fortunate” and that people that don’t make a lot of money are “less fortunate”, you suffer from wealth envy.

Now to define self talk. Self talk is a technique by talking to yourself, or meditating on thoughts that program your brain to operate in a certain manner. When a football team gets together for a game and hypes themselves up for the game talking “What are we gonna do? Win!” That’s a form of positive self talk. When you make a mistake at work and say “I’m such an idiot.” That’s negative self talk. So how is wealth envy negative self talk?

If you believe that people are wealthy not because they did something to earn that wealth but because they are “more fortunate” then you are programming your brain to believe that YOU can’t become wealthy without the outside force of “luck”. If you believe that you need “luck” to get wealthy, then you believe you have no control on your future. If you believe that people wealthy people got that way by lying, stealing, cheating on their taxes, and/or “taking advantage of the less fortunate”, then you are programming your brain to believe that in order for you to become wealthy, you would have to do one or all of those things. This is dangerous because if you believe those things are bad and immoral – which they are, with the exception of “taking advantage of the less fortunate” AKA having employees that don’t make as much as you – you won’t want to become wealthy. If you don’t want to become wealthy, you never will. You will also cause yourself, in some cases, to self sabotage if you begin to see success and wealth coming your way because you have negative associations with success and wealth that those people are bad people, and you won’t want to be perceived as a bad person.

The solution, quit thinking and telling yourself and others that wealth is a result of fortune. Call wealthy people “high achievers” instead of “more fortunate”. Call people that are not wealthy (AKA poor) “low achievers” rather than “less fortunate”. Begin to see people that are wealthy as having earned it, rather than having cheated their way to that position. As you begin to see wealthy people more positively, you will begin to reprogram your brain that you being wealthy is acceptable, and may even begin to see opportunities for wealth that were right in front of your face that you never saw before.


3 Responses to “Three things…”

  1. Allison Harris Says:

    I love you..

  2. shot himself in the leg? yeah, idiot. reminds me of rothlisberger’s stunt a couple years ago. but these are personal incidents and not something to stereotype the entire ‘class’ of football players by. to take away their rights would be depriving them of american citizenship basically, right? thats not an exageration is it?

    “because they did something to earn that wealth” — im glad you tied up that less fortunate, more fortunate idea with this thought. because it is TRUE!!!! your circumstances are a direct result of your decisions and ‘effort put forth’ — so many people choose not to see this and “blame” luck as a way of not taking responsiblity for their circumstances. — good post! 🙂

  3. No, that’s spot on. Certainly not an exaggeration. However, if the teams decide to put something into a players contract that specifies that if they get injured doing something risky (like riding a motorcycle) off the field that they will lose pay, and possibly their job, they have every right to do that. The players then have the responsibility as adults to make the right decision.

    Glad you liked that tie in, and glad you liked the post. Thanks.

    Sorry I didn’t write the post I said I would write in the note I left, got too busy with work today, I may get to it over the weekend.

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