A War We Should Pull Out of

We desperately need to pull out of the War on Poverty. We have a losing strategy and it is by far the most costly war we’ve been involved in. Its a war with no end in sight, and many of the strategies we’ve implemented have served to extend the problem rather than end it. This interview goes into a lot of the problems that strategies now being implemented in the US have created through their past implementations in the UK. If you look at the policies implemented in the UK, and other parts of Europe in the past, and then look 5-20 years later at the US you will see that they were implemented here, after the UK showed that they didn’t accomplish what they were touted to do. The next in that line is Government Healthcare. Much of what I have to say on the subject is covered in the link above, so check it out, and in many cases simply replace “Britain” with “America” and the statement still rings true.

I don’t don’t doubt the sincerity of peoples’ convictions that they want to help others through these social programs, but what we need to realize is that these programs do more harm than good, and if you really want to help people we need to end these programs. The old saying still rings true “If you give a man fish you feed him for a day, if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” These welfare programs are merely giving people fish, not teaching them to fish. If people had to suffer the consequences of not providing for their own needs, they would be forced to learn how to provide for their own needs and end the cycle of poverty, and multi-generational welfare families.


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