MLK was a Republican

Disclaimer:Look at the title of my blog, the PC means “politically correct” reading beyond this point may result in you being offended.

Contrary to popular belief, it has been the Republican party that throughout history has been on the side of Black Americans. There’s a great article by Frances Rice about why this was the case, at National Black The link will take you to the article, not the home page.

I have always been someone that believed that Democrat policies were intended to keep blacks poor, and keep them in the victim mindset, as well as other poor people. Part of the article mentions how President Nixon enacted affirmative action, in its original form, to counter the polices of Democrat President Woodrow Wilson. The left has since hijacked this policy and turned it into a quota system whereby people are given jobs, scholarships, and acceptance into college based on the color of their skin rather than the merit of their accomplishments, or character. In many cases unqualified applicants have been accepted to universities simply in the name of diversity. If you don’t believe me, go on over to Town and look through some of the writings of Dr. Mike Adams concerning the diversity movement at UNC-W.

I am of the personal opinion that Dr. King, if he were alive today, would be called an “Uncle Tom” by the current “Civil Rights Leaders”. Both Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell have been called “Uncle Tom”s for not supporting the typical democrat entitlement policies. People like Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson have made a career by prostituting themselves to back anyone that makes a claim of racism, valid or not. Just look at the case of Crystal Gail Mangum in Durham, NC (aka the Duke Lacrosse Case). Nearly every time one of these men, or any other current leader of the NAACP or similar organization, comes out and says someone was discriminated against based on the color of their skin, it is a fabrication. Are there still times where this happens? Yes, I think so. But how can someone logically argue that having lower standards for college admission for black students than for white students is not racism?

Another issue that I think Dr. King would have problem with is the most recent election. We just had an election in which 97% of black voters voted for a candidate that would just continue the policies of victim hood and government dependence that have destroyed the black family from the beginning of the “War on Poverty”. Many of these voters could give no better reason to vote for the man, other than the fact that he was black. President Elect Obama’s supporters also took many opportunities to claim racism when any real attack was levied against him. When people brought up Bill Ayers, they were called racists. When people brought up Jeremiah Wright, they were called racist. (Though Wright is the real racist.) When people called President Elect Obama a socialist, it was said that “Socialist is just a code word for ‘black’.” I realize that there were people that voted against Obama because he’s black, in fact there was a video that made its way on to youtube that demonstrated this, but if you watch the video around the two minute mark you’ll find out what party these people are aligned with. The thing is, most of the time that race was mentioned as having to do with the campaign, it was those on the left crying racism against the right, or people saying “We should elect Obama so that we can have our first black president.” If things in this election were to have truly aligned with Dr. King’s dream for this country, “black”, “white” and “race” would have only been mentioned in the context of “A black suit,” “A white shirt” or “The presidential race,” and never in reference to the candidates skin color, or any issue within the campaign.

*update* When I initially posted this I stated that 90% of black voters voted for Obama, I later found out that it was actually 97% which actually strengthens my position. There is no way that only 3% of black voters disagreed with Obama on policy.


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  1. […] MLK was a Republican Contrary to popular belief, it has been the Republican party that throughout history has been on the side of Black Americans. There’sa great article by Frances Rice about why this was the case, at National Black The link … […]

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