PE Obama’s economic advisers.

While I think there are inherently certain limitations on the effect a president can have on the economy, particularly based on the fact that the president can not (necessarily) create any type of legislation, by himself/herself. The President, as the leader of the country, does set the tone. It is therefore important for the president to have a good group of economic advisers around them, especially considering most presidents are lawyers, and career politicians, not business men.

In President Elect Obama’s case, he has put together a somewhat decent cast of characters. There are some problems however. Some of those problems are outlined in this blog post I found earlier today. Another issue that I have is the fact that the governor of Michigan is on there, and last I checked, Michigan’s not doing so hot. Granted its not necessarily her fault that the auto manufacturers made contracts with UAW (United Auto Workers) that are detrimental to their profits, and the quality of the vehicles they produce. I personally would like to see the Donald on his economic advisory board. He brought himself from bankruptcy to owning an empire, I bet he could help get the country out of its poor economic standing. Not to mention, I’m sure there’s lots of government employees that need to hear the two words he’s most famous for “You’re fired!” Maybe even some entire government agencies.


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