Congratulations America

America, you have elected Barack Obama as president! Tell them what they’ve won Johnny…

A professing Marxist that thinks we should spread the wealth around, through taxes that penalizes success and rewards sloth. (40% of the people slated to receive Obama’s “tax cuts” don’t already pay taxes).

Waiting lists for health care. Don’t believe me, look at Canada and the UK, oh that’s right you think that somehow if we take the same failed policies and implement them here it will produce a different result….

Unionized workplaces, everywhere. Obama wants to end the secret ballot for unionization, therefore bringing coercion into the picture. Think that’s a good thing, ask GM and Chrysler how their UAW contract is panning out.

The end of Wal-Mart as you know it. The people will still not care about you, but this time they’ll be paid more, because they will be unionized (see above). If the people are getting paid more, you have to spend more on your goods, have fun with that!

A person who couldn’t get a security clearance to have access to nuclear weapons because of their associations, will now have his finger, on “the button”.

Increased taxes. If you think they’re only for the rich, just consider that early in this century when permanent income taxes were introduced they told the people that only the rich would pay them. How’s that working out for you?

There’s more, but you’ve got the next four years to learn all about it.


One Response to “Congratulations America”

  1. vanessathompson Says:

    amen! period.

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