A few things

I wanted to start this off with some good news. ProElite has folded, and the Shaw’s will no longer be able to give MMA a bad name. For more on what led to this check out this article at Sherdog.com. Hopefully the UFC can pick up some of the better fighters, like Lawler, Radach, and Shields out of this deal. I’m not sure if Kimbo will find a new MMA home, Tito, who was soooo proud of his upcoming contract with Elite will be on the hunt again. I also suspect that the women will end up with StrikeForce for right now.

Another good news. I found this guy on youtube. He’s a black republican that’s got several funny, and provocative videos regarding this years presidential beauty contest, as well as politics in general. I have not watched all of his videos, but I recommend The Diddy Retort, The Vote Reaper, and The A-TEAM ( Actually The “O” TEAM ).

Finally, some more fun stuff about Obama’s “Tax Cut” for 95% of Americans. An editorial in the Wall Street Journal on the subject.


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