How McCain could help himself.

Basically, I stole this from Nealz Nuze. Basically I wanted to repost this so that a different audience could have access to it. An audience that is not likely to listen to Neal, or read his program notes.


know … I know … I have been saying this for a while now, but if John McCain has any chance of winning this race, it may all come down to tonight. Last week, Sarah Palin did all that she could do and she did it well. Now, it is up to John McCain to save this campaign. Tonight’s debate could really be the end of this thing. With the economy going down the tank (no thanks to government there … Democrats or Republicans) it is inevitable that the party not in charge of the White House gets a boost. In this case, that would be Barack Obama. But that isn’t the only reason why he is going to win this election. He is going to win this election because the people of this country don’t know any better.

So here are a few things that John McCain should say tonight during the debate … but won’t.

  1. Barack Obama says that he wants to lower capital gains taxes for small businesses in America. Does anyone see anything wrong with Barack Obama’s plan? How about the fact that small businesses in this country don’t pay capital gains taxes, they pay income taxes. And guess what? Barack Obama wants to raise income taxes on anyone making over $250,000 a year, and that includes you small business owners or the person you work for.
  2. Do you realize that under a Barack Obama administration, his tax policies will be dictated by what the government deems to be fair or neighborly? They will decide how much of your money you actually “need,” and the rest is subject to seizure. Oh, that paying higher taxes is “patriotic.” Since when is it the government’s job to decide how much of your money you should be allowed to keep?
  3. Just yesterday I made a speech outlining how Democrat policies, supported by Barack Obama led to the mortgage meltdown in this country. It was the Democrats who, for years, opposed any type of reform. I called for this reform back in 2006. President Bush asked for this reform. But the Democrats didn’t want it. They wanted to continue funding subprime mortgages because that was the American dream.
  4. And speaking of these subprime mortgages … have any of you ever heard of a little organization called ACORN? I bet you Barack Obama has heard of it. Because he worked with ACORN as a community organizer. (Oh wait, I’m not supposed to say that. Now I am racist … ) But it was organizations like ACORN that would bully and coerce banks into making subprime mortgages to people who should be renters.
  5. My opponent has proposed nearly one million dollars in pork spending – we call them earmarks now – for every day he’s served in the U.S. Congress. I’ve been here for decades, and haven’t asked for one dollar of pork.
  6. My running mate, Governor Sarah Palin, resigned a government position so that she could go after a member of her own party engaged in corrupt activities in Alaska. Barack Obama has a history of supporting the corrupt political machine that helped him rise to prominence in Chicago.

And that’s just for starters ………


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