Debate Last Night

I don’t have a lot of time, so this one will be brief.

Gwen Ifill did just fine, my concerns over her impartiality were not realized. I am glad for that.

Both candidates did pretty well at putting forth their side. No major mistakes were made. I think that people will determine who they felt won based on who lines up more with their own political persuasions.

Two things that frustrated me:

  1. Bidden claiming that taxing people that make over $250,000/yr is “fairness” not “class warfare.” It absolutely is class warfare. It will also decrease tax revenue and further harm the economy.
  2. Palin (and Bidden, but it came from her first) laying the blame for the current economic problems on “greedy banks and lenders”. While there were in fact greedy executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and maybe some decision were made out of “greed”, the initial thing that took place that allowed this to happen was government. Government passed laws that forced banks and lenders to make sub-prime loans. That began this downward cycle.

That is all, I am of to the Land of Oz today, will be back in town tomorrow.


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