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Its been a while now

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So it’s been a while since I blogged, and I guess Jamie was right about the three day thing, I have been out of town since Sunday, so I’m just getting back in the swing of things. To start you off, here’s an interesting video.

And they wonder why people think environmentalists are nuts….


Finally something that’s not a video and not political…

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This was written, mostly in response to, a comment on MMAFrenzy. Enjoy…or not, whatever.

I’ll say it a first time, I’m tired of the Dana White bashers!! All this talk about “Dana doesn’t pay the fighters enough.” “The fighters need health care.” If it wasn’t for Dana White and Zuffa, these guys wouldn’t be getting half what they’re getting right now, at least not fighting in this country. When MMA was a dying sport (in the US) they believed in it, and put in the money and the work to get it (re)legalized, “legitimized”, and laid the ground work to bringing it to the mainstream. If none of those things happened, neither the Shaws nor T-Shirt guy would have been interested in MMA. As a matter of fact, T-Shirt guy probably made half his money off of Dana, and the UFC fighters wearing his shirts on TUF. I honestly remember thinking at one point that Zuffa must own Affliction because Dana was wearing their stuff all the time, as were all the fighters. I forgot which season it was, but Affliction was everywhere. If it wasn’t for that, T-Shirt guy would have had half the money that he used to start his organization. So, T-Shirt guy can think Dana for at least half of the money that he has from selling T-Shirts, and the fact that Dana and Zuffa spent the money and time to make MMA what it is today.

Do I think competition is bad? No. Am I glad that the UFC has competition? Yes. Am I glad that the competition that has gotten the most interest has been T-Shirt guy and the Shaws? Not at all. Do I think that the UFC still has some growing to do, and that there are improvements that will need to be made? Absolutely. But lets think about this, the NFL got its original beginnings over 100 years ago. Are the players treated better today than they were then? absolutely. Are they treated better today than they were 10 years ago? absolutely. The last “legitimate” competitor to the NFL was over 20 years ago.(XFL was a joke) MMA is only 15 years old, and its current form is around a decade old, it will take time for the athletes in the UFC to get paid on the level of athletes in other sports, but it will come. You can’t bankrupt the organization trying to pay the fighters “what they deserve” (cough Affliction cough ProElite cough) and really do any benefit to them in the long run. If you do that, then where do they fight? Do they just bounce around from failing organization to failing organization until the sport dies?

Just think before you go crying and moaning about how terrible of a person Dana White is, and how terrible Zuffa is because they “don’t pay their fighters enough.”

rant over.

New Business Practices

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This was taken from Nealz Nuze for today, October 22.

You small business owners out there are preparing for life under a Barack Obama presidency. One of our listeners sent us some new rules for small businesses based on Obama’s ideals of change and fairness:

As of November 5, 2008, when President Obama officially becomes president-elect, our company will instill a few new policies which are in keeping with his new, inspiring issues of change and fairness:

1. All salespeople will be pooling their sales and bonuses into a common pool that will be divided equally between all of you. This will serve to give those of you who are under-achieving a “fair shake”.

2. All low level workers will be pooling their wages, including overtime, into a common pool, dividing it equally amongst you. This will help those who are “too busy for overtime” to reap the rewards from those who have more spare time and can work extra hours.

3. All top management will now be referred to as “the government.” We will not participate in this “pooling” experience because the law doesn’t apply to us.

4. The “government” will give eloquent speeches to all employees every week, encouraging its workers to continue to work hard “for the good of all”.

5. The employees will be thrilled with these new policies because it’s “good to spread the wealth around”. Those of you who have underachieved will finally get an opportunity; those of you who have worked hard and had success will feel more “patriotic”.

6. The last few people who were hired should clean out their desks. Don’t feel bad, though, because President Obama will give you free healthcare, free handouts, free oil for heating your home, free food stamps, and he’ll let you stay in your home for as long as you want even if you can’t pay your mortgage. If you appeal directly to our democratic congress, you might even get a free flat screen TV and a coupon for free haircuts (shouldn’t all Americans be entitled to nice looking hair?)!!!

If for any reason you are not happy with the new policies, you may want to rethink your vote on November 4th.

insert title here

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Do with this what you will. I have heard, though I do not have any links to source this, that people are saying that Obama could be the second coming of Christ, and how foolish Christian’s will look for not supporting him.

A few things

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I wanted to start this off with some good news. ProElite has folded, and the Shaw’s will no longer be able to give MMA a bad name. For more on what led to this check out this article at Hopefully the UFC can pick up some of the better fighters, like Lawler, Radach, and Shields out of this deal. I’m not sure if Kimbo will find a new MMA home, Tito, who was soooo proud of his upcoming contract with Elite will be on the hunt again. I also suspect that the women will end up with StrikeForce for right now.

Another good news. I found this guy on youtube. He’s a black republican that’s got several funny, and provocative videos regarding this years presidential beauty contest, as well as politics in general. I have not watched all of his videos, but I recommend The Diddy Retort, The Vote Reaper, and The A-TEAM ( Actually The “O” TEAM ).

Finally, some more fun stuff about Obama’s “Tax Cut” for 95% of Americans. An editorial in the Wall Street Journal on the subject.

Stinking Hilarious

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So several of my recent posts have been of the serious nature, so I thought I’d share something that really had me laughing when I saw it.

Palin on the Boortz Show

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Sarah Palin will be calling into the Neal Boortz show today at 11:06 AM EST, with a replay at 12:35 pm EST. You can either listen streaming at the website linked to above, or you can listen (in North Carolina) on FM Talk 101.1.