Palin Interview with Charles Gibson

Man, Charles really showed his colors in this one. I missed Thursday night’s segment of the interview, but I saw the 20/20 interview on Friday. The whole show, outside of what they covered of Ike, seemed like they were just trying to bring her down. I haven’t seen anything like this on Obama, or Biden. In fact when Gibson interviewed Obama it was like he was throwing him BP (batting practice). Gibson was condescending in his tone, and even accusatory at times. I really don’t have a problem with them asking tough questions, in fact I want tough questions, but I want both sides to be asked tough questions. I also want the guy to show some respect, Charles Gibson hasn’t got the guts to run for office, and if he did run he’d be obliterated I’m sure, so the least he can do is show some respect for someone who has got the guts.

There were certain questions that were based on a faulty premise, or were asked in a way to try to trap her. One question was “What are three things you are going to do different from Bush’s economic policy to fix the economy?” The faulty premise here is that you need to do three things “different”. I would contend that there probably are three things that would need to be different, but I would also contend that there are a lot of things that Bush did that need to be taken further. There’s other things that weren’t necessarily Bush’s policy, but have just been the policy all along that need to be done differently. Of course once she gave three things she would do, Gibson asked the question again, basically trying to say “Its just going to be four more years of Bush if you elect these people.” Which is not accurate.

I would have really liked if part of her answer to that question was, “We’re going to try to implement the fair tax.” That didn’t happen though, I don’t know where she stands on the Fair Tax, but even if she supports it, McCain currently does not, and she can’t go against what he’s going to say.

Another area Gibson tried to trap her was by asking (paraphrased) “You say you want to cut spending, and decrease the government. Are you looking to cut spending in the area of entitlements?” Palin answered the question saying that she would look for efficiencies in all government agencies, which means that she may cut some entitlements if she finds they are being abused, and she’s going to cut down on the bureaucracy. I feel like that answered the question, obviously she can’t come out and say “If there are entitlement abuses we’ll cut them,” because that gives the sound byte “Palin wants to cut entitlements.” Gibson asked that question 3 times.

Gibson also lied about stem cell research. After asking Palin her position on stem cell research she said that she supports adult stem cell research (ASCR) but didn’t see the need to create and destroy life to do embryonic stem cell research (ESCR) when we have adult stem cell research. Gibson’s reply included the statement that “Researchers see a lot more potential in embryonic stem cell research than in adult.” That is an outright lie. Even though the government does not currently fund ESCR it is still going on with private dollars, they have had zero breakthroughs, and zero benefits discovered, where ASCR has had numerous breakthroughs and discoveries. You tell me, no results vs. lots of results, which one shows more potential?

This just goes to show you that the mainstream media in this country has thrown out the concept of journalistic objectivity in exchange for becoming a part of the left wing machine. And news outlets are no longer news outlets, but instead left wing opinion outlets.


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