A day to remember what happened sever years ago. A day to think about where we may be next year. With the elections fast approaching it is important to consider what their impact could be on the protection of this country. You have one candidate, John McCain, who has fought in a war, and who wants to continue to fight to win in Iraq, and Afghanistan. The other candidate, Barack Hussein Obama, who has not fought in a war, and wants to surrender the fight in Iraq, but does support continued action in Afghanistan. We have not experienced a major terrorist attack in this country since 9-11-01. We know that at least two were thwarted – Fort Dix, Florida Terrorist – and who knows how many were stopped that we don’t know about. There were at least three minor incidents, that weren’t necessarily reported as Islamic Terrorist activity…but were – Beltway Sniper, Utah Mall Shooting, SUV attack at The Pit. The questions are “Is Barack Hussein Obama the right person to defend this country?” and “Is he willing to do the things necessary to defend this country?”

Its interesting to note that recently “Senator Barack Obama emerged as Europe’s favourite candidate for America’s presidency today when a poll conducted for Telegraph.co.uk gave him 52 per cent support across five of the world’s richest nations, including Britain. ” (read more). It is not mentioned in this article but in another pole it was found that 58% of Europeans wants to see America weakened. So lets do the math here, 58% of Europeans want to see America Weakened, and 52% of Europeans want Obama elected. Logic says that, based on these numbers, 52% of Europeans believe that Barack Obama will weaken the united states, and 6% believe that John McCain, or another candidate, would achieve said goal.

On a slightly separate note. I submit a question for your consideration. Most people do not want to be at war, most people would like for us to live “in peace.” I ask, “At what price do you want peace? Are you willing to fight someone who is disturbing peace, a la Germany circa 1942, in order to restore peace or would you rather surrender to stop the fighting? Are you willing to give up your freedoms for peace? Are you willing to submit yourself to the iron hand of a dictator just to have a ‘peaceful’ life? Do you want peace through surrender, or peace through victory?” I believe that all of our politicians would prefer that this country be at peace, not at war. The difference lies in that some of them want peace through surrender, and some of them want peace through victory. You have to decide which philosophy you align yourself with, and vote accordingly.


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