Palin’s Speech

What I got to see of the speech, the parts that Time Warner didn’t cause me to miss due to a planned outage to upgrade software on digital cable boxes, was pretty good. Its funny though, I saw where an acquaintance said, “Don’t be dumb….they only made her VP so they can make it easier to drill for oil in Alaska!” This statement implies two things, 1. that she’s just a puppet (which could be construed as a sexist statement, and 2. There’s something wrong with drilling for oil in Alaska. I think its quite obvious that neither is true.

I still like Palin quite a lot, in fact the speech tonight has bolstered my approval of her. To be honest I don’t care about John McCain, he is not the deciding factor for me in this election. Sarah Palin may get McCain my vote…we’ll see how she does the rest of the run-up to the election.

Along those lines my cousin joined the Facebook group “Sarah Palin is NOT Hillary Clinton” (a liberal pro-Hillary group) then when they outlined her policies they stated:

Sarah Palin is anti-choice(sic)* and a member of the anti-choice(sic)* Feminists for Life, opposed to gay marriage, in favor of capital punishment, a card carrying member of the NRA, in favor of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

To all of which I respond “Good!”

*- The correct terminology is anti-abortion, or pro-life. She is very much for choice, offering unborn children a choice of what to do with their lives.


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