Palin for President…Sort Of

So, I still don’t know that much about Sarah Palin. Some of what I do know is:

The conservative talk show community loves her.
She’s a member of the NRA (I should work on that one myself).
She’s pro-life (aka protecting the rights of the unborn).
She ran against and defeated a corrupt incumbent republican for Alaska governor.
She rejected the funding for the “Bridge to Nowhere”.
She Hunts.
She eats Mooseburgers.
Her daughter is pregnant (and lets face it, if you were the governor of a state would you really be able to know what your teenager was doing all the time? And besides that how many of you did/do things as teens your parents don’t know about, I know I did).
She was runner up for Miss Alaska 20 years ago.
She smoked pot when it was legal in Alaska.
She used to attend a church similar to the one I attend.

What I know about her makes me more interested in her than in John McCain as president and here are some of the reasons for that:

McCain – Feingold(sp?) anti – free speech act.
McCain called the UFC “Human cock fighting” and tried to get it banned.
Opposes the Fair Tax.(or at least did during the primaries)
Weak on Immigration.
Considered Joe Leiberman(sp?) as a running mate.
He is not a conservative.

Now to explain the title. I certainly do not want Obama for President. I don’t want the government taking money out of my pocket to pay for someone else to go to the doctor every time they get a runny nose, where I haven’t been to a doctor in three years at least. I don’t want the government punishing achievement by taxing the “rich”. I don’t want the government taking money out of my pocket so some person living on welfare can have a cell phone, and flat screen and 20 inch wheels on their car. (If you don’t believe this happens go look at the cars in the parking lot of HUD housing projects in Durham. Also, on a side note – The average “poor” person in the US has a higher standard of living than the average person in Europe.)

All this considered, I really don’t want McCain to be president, I have long been considering writing in Huckabee. I know that would pretty well be a vote for Obama, but I just don’t want McCain. Palin however is quite interesting, and Huckabee is quite keen on her. So maybe I should vote for McCain, and then hope he resigns for some reason next year…


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