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Debates, Bailouts, the Economy

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I’ve got a few different things I would like to cover, and rather that doing so in three different posts I will try to concisely go over them here.

The Presidential Debate Friday:
I was unimpressed with McCain, but then I’ve never liked him, ever. Obama seemed to me to do a better job at making the points he wanted to make, regardless of the fact that I completely disagree with those points. One major thing that I noticed was that for whatever reason, Senator Obama was consistently inconsistent in what he called Senator McCain, ranging from Tom, to Jim, to Tim, everything but Senator McCain, he usually corrected himself, but didn’t even do this every time. I felt like McCain missed several opportunities to argue with the premise of some of Obama’s statements and points, but instead repeated arguments he’d already made that were unrelated to Obama’s point he was supposed to be rebutting. The main instance that got me really angry was when they were talking about “Paying for the bailout,” and Obama was talking about taking tax breaks away from company’s and people over a certain income (AKA Increasing Taxes). This was a perfect opportunity for McCain to state the fact that “Every time you increase taxes revenue actually goes down, and when you cut taxes federal revenues go up.” However, he failed miserably and repeated an earlier statement, a weak one at that, that had nothing to do with what they were talking about. While there was more to the debate, honestly this is the part that stuck out in my mind.

This bailout situation is frustrating to me for a few reasons. The first reason is that many on the left are taking this opportunity to say “Blah blah, this is why the free market doesn’t work, we’ve got to have more government involvement.” The real true fact that the American Public, which by the way is vastly under educated particularly in the areas of economics, needs to hear, but won’t, is that government involvement in the free market caused this mess. I have other posts on how, go read them to find out. The second reason is that the government, is now buying, with taxpayer money, loans that these companies hold as well as other “assets” the problem is that many of them are not necessarily good ones and will likely not give a good return on investment. If I’ve got to pay for the government to make an investment, they better make a good one. Finally, *if* the government does make money back on this investments, as they are claiming they will do, with the money that they have taken from me at gun point (if you don’t pay your taxes, they will show up with guns and arrest you) I would like to see some of those profits coming my direction. Knowing how government works that is not going to happen, they’ll find some way to spend it on vote buying (either earmarks or entitlement programs).

The Economy:
First off I would like to say that I’m glad I’m a tither and giver and therefore tied to God’s economy not the world’s economy. These times would be much more worrisome to me without that. Secondly, stop filling up your gas tank when it gets below half a tank, this whole “gas shortage” will be remedied much quicker that way. (I know that we in the Triangle aren’t nearly as affected by this as Charlotte or Atlanta, but the point remains accurate) Thirdly, besides some of these problems being caused by government interference we the people are also to blame. Our country fell into a culture of debt over the last decade or two, and now we’re paying the price. Get yourselves out of debt now (as much said for myself as for anyone else) and start saving money. If the people of this country get out of a culture of debt, and back into a saving culture as we had in the fifties, and investment culture as we had in the 80s and 90s the economy will turn around. Finally, things will sort themselves out, they always do. Don’t worry, don’t freak out, the sky is not falling, investments are long term, not sure term everything will be okay in the end, especially if you’re a part of God’s economy (for those that may be reading this that are).



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Be forewarned that if you read the rest of this you will find it to match my blog title, “not politically correct”.

Here is a comment I made in response to Pastor Steve’s Blog.

As the others have said, thank you for standing up on this issue. I know people who had abortions in their past, and they, because of forgiveness, do not feel condemned when others talk about it being wrong. I also know of people who had abortions in their past and are now very active in preventing other women from making the same mistake. There is a website/group dedicated to this, although I cannot remember their name off the top of my head, and could not find them in limited searching. It is important for people – those that may want to keep abortion “for cases of rape or incest” (even though I still think that is wrong) – that less than 5% of abortions are for this reason, the other 95% are essentially birth control.

There is a lot more I can say about this issue, and I’m going to say it here. I did not want to take up that much of his blog page with this, and besides that, it is his blog, not the place for me to make my statements and I do not want to adversely affect people’s view of Pastor Steve through what I have to say. His blog post stands alone as his thoughts on the issue, and this stands alone as my thoughts.

Many people see this issue as pro – choice v. anti – choice, or pro – life v. anti – life. I will comment on this from both sides. In regards to “choice”, many people contend that it is a “woman’s choice what she does with her own body.” I completely agree, what a woman does with her own body is totally up to her. If a woman chooses whether or not to use her body for sexual acts, inside or outside of marriage, that is her choice, and she has the right to choose either side. However once a woman becomes pregnant, she is now responsible for two lives, not just her own. Even though a growing fetus is inside a woman’s body, it is a separate person. It is my personal opinion that if a woman makes the choice to abort a child, she has infringed upon that child’s rights to make any choices in their own life. This is exactly the same as when a person makes the choice to kill another person in a robbery, they have infringed upon that persons right to make any further choices in their life. Freedom of choice is an integral part of this country, and what makes it great, but most of laws are based on the fact that we have to limit certain potential choices by individuals because they infringe on the rights of other individuals. Murder, theft, slavery, Jim Crowe laws, trespassing, all of these things are potential choices people could make that would infringe upon the rights of others, that have been deemed unlawful. Abortion should be no different.

In regards to “life” a lot of pro – life people will say that being “pro – choice” on abortion is really “anti – life”. I agree, because most groups and organizations that are “pro – choice” are organizations that in order to promote their own agenda of allowing people to have abortions, will demonize and down play “pro – life” options like adoption. If you look at Planned Parenthood (PP), they are a “pro – choice” organization, yet they do not offer to properly inform women of the risks involved with abortion, or other options (choices) they may have such as adoption. When a woman walks into PP and says, “I would like an abortion,” they say “Ok, that will be X number of dollars.” PP was created by Margaret Sanger, a Socialist that believed in Eugenics*. One of her goals was to shrink the black population in America, black women are more than three times more likely to have an abortion than white women, though white women make up 60% of abortions. ( warning this site contains graphic images, though not on the linked page)

When a woman chooses to have an abortion it is more often than not based on her own selfish goals and desires. Many women choose to have an abortion because it is not convenient for them to have a child at that time, because it may interfere with their career, college, or lifestyle. They may also choose to have an abortion because they (the woman) “made a mistake”. To which I say, you made the choice to be sexually active, there are consequences to your actions, now live with them. If I make the choice to have sex with my wife, and she ends up pregnant, I then have the consequence of having to pay to raise that child for at least the next 18 years. If I make the choice to speed on the highway and “make the mistake” of getting caught, I get to pay the consequence of the ticket and insurance increases, or paying a lawyer to get me out of it. Even in cases of rape/incest it is a choice about the woman’s comfort, not what is right or wrong for the child. Women in these cases will argue “Its too painful to carry out this pregnancy, because it reminds me of what happened.” While I understand that this can be a very painful situation, and I also recognize that I will never experience the possibility of becoming pregnant due to rape, it is not anymore right to punish an unborn child for the wrong doings of another person, than it would have been if my mother in-law had gone and stolen someone’s car because hers had just been stolen last week. Just because someone has infringed upon your right to security/safety does not then give you the right to infringe upon someone (the child) not involved in said situation’s right to security/safety.

I know this is a touchy issue for some people, and if I have offended anyone….tough. However, know this, if you have had an abortion, for any reason, I do not intend this to condemn you in anyway. I do believe in forgiveness, and I will not treat anyone differently if they have had an abortion or not, regardless of their current stance on the issue. I know people that have had abortions and now feel that what they did is wrong and have asked God for forgiveness, as well as people who have had abortions and would be perfectly willing to do it again. I hold neither situation against either person(s). If you do feel “condemned” because you have had an abortion, take it up with God, he sent his son to die for your sins, admit that what you did is wrong and ask Him to forgive you and He will make it as though it never happened, you may still feel some guilt, but He can help you to overcome that as well.

* – – –noun (used with a singular verb)
the study of or belief in the possibility of improving the qualities of the human species or a human population, esp. by such means as discouraging reproduction by persons having genetic defects or presumed to have inheritable undesirable traits (negative eugenics) or encouraging reproduction by persons presumed to have inheritable desirable traits (positive eugenics).


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Bailouts and more bailouts

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I haven’t been following the bailout deal as well as probably should be. What I do know is I’m tired of it. If the company is going bust, let it, a new one will take its place, and I won’t have to pay for it.

It is important to realize the real origins behind all of this, which was mortgages being given to people that didn’t deserve them. “Why were they given out?” you might ask. I’ll give you a little insight into this. Many politicians, and probably people you know, will try to put the blame for this on the “greeeeedy mortgage brokers”. If they do, that blame will be misplaced. I’ve already stated previously that it had to do with governmental pressures to give loans to more low income families. Since then I have learned the origins of these pressures.

About twenty years ago, there were certain politically correct activist groups that were claiming that people were being racially discriminated against when it came to being given a mortgage. The true fact was the people didn’t qualify for the loans, however Washington caved to the pressure from these activist groups. They told the banks that they had to give more loans to minorities and low-income families, or else basically. Congress then created methods for said activists group to pressure banks to make bad loans by threatening their growth if they did not. The banks had to weigh the consequences, not grow because of political activist groups, or take a risk on sub-prime mortgages. They opted for the sub-prime side.

The really bad news coming out of this is the the American public is being sold the falsehood that this is the fault of the free-market. No-one in the mainstream media is reporting the truth. Only people in talk radio and the conservative blogosphere are exposing the real facts. At least one side of the political aisle, the left, is using this as an opportunity to talk about how we need MORE government involvement in the economy, even though they know darn well that LESS government involvement would have prevented this problem from ever happening.

Its also important to note, one of said activist groups that created this whole mess was the group ACORN, that one Barrack Obama was involved with in his Community Organizer days.

Something interesting about the AIG take over

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So, now that I at least partly responsible for AIG, being that the government took it over, and there for will stick me, the tax payer, with the bill if it goes under, I was interested to learn this about it.

note: I don’t necessarily support that site, that’s just where I happened to find that bit of information.

Pelosi anti-energy package.

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Some of you may know about this, but many do not. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Washington are trying so pass a farcical energy bill. They claim that it allows for new drilling, however the bill would continue the faulty policy of preventing us from exploring for oil and natural gas in Alaska and in most areas off our coasts. It would only allow states to “opt-in” to exploration, but not in places located within 50 miles of the coast. Most of the oil that is available is within that 50 miles. What’s worse, the bill would impose $30 billion in NEW TAXES on energy production! New taxes would take away any incentive for doing the work to increase the production.

I have written our president, and my congress people about this issue. Below is a form email that you can find at this location, which is a part of Freedom Works, that you can send out as well. The first three paragraphs are the form email found on that page, the final paragraph about refineries I added myself. If you’re interested in our government taking real action towards lowering energy costs, I suggest you take action by emailing the president and your congress people.

The most common-sense energy solution in the short term is to increase domestic oil production in the United States by allowing more exploration and drilling. Currently, there is a Congressional moratorium on drilling in the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) that has been in place for 27 years. This moratorium translates into roughly 85% of the OCS that Congress has declared off-limits for oil exploration and drilling. It simply does not make sense for the United States to allow its domestic oil resources to sit unused and depend on other nations in unstable regions of the world for its energy needs. If the moratorium is lifted, the vast off-shore reserves could be used to decrease America’s dependence on foreign oil and ultimately lower the high price of gasoline.

However, the “Pelosi Energy Package” would block any attempt to increase domestic oil production by preventing the opening of new areas for drilling, such as the OCS and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge(ANWR). Instead, this proposal would institute a “use it or lose it” policy that would punish oil companies for not developing what are known as “non-producing” federal leases. Pelosi and others in Congress justify this position by claiming that the oil companies are allowing the land to sit idle in order to drive up the cost of fuel. However, the truth is that oil companies have invested billions of dollars in exploration of these leases, and the so-called “non-producing” leases sit idle because they do not contain a commercially viable supply of petroleum.

The only economically viable solution to the energy crisis is to drill where it makes sense – in the areas of the OCS that we know contain valuable oil reserves and in Alaska.

I would also like to add that we need to increase our refinery capacity. Problems experienced a few years ago with Katrina, and now with Ike demonstrate that we cannot continue to operate at a level where full capacity of our refineries is required to meet demand. We must build new refineries to process the new oil that we drill for, to continue to meet increasing demand, as well as prevent major supply loss as we’ve experienced in recent times.

Eve Ensler on Palin

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I just read a piece on another blog that was written by Eve Ensler (author of the Vagina Monologues). The Ensler piece was all about how much she was against Palin, which quite simply make me more for her. Here are some excerpts:

“Sarah Palin does not believe in evolution.” – Good, neither do I.
“She does not believe in global warming.” – Good its a hoax, and if you believe in it you may as well be a cultist and go hang out with Tom Cruise.
“Sarah Palin does not believe in abortion.” – Good, we should protect the rights of the unborn. I personally believe that you should have the right to do pretty much anything you want, as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others to do the same. Abortion infringes on every right those babies have.
“Sarah believes in guns. She has her own custom Austrian hunting rifle. She has been known to kill 40 caribou at a clip. She has shot hundreds of wolves from the air.” – I don’t think she believes in guns so much as the right to own one…but still good. If you make guns illegal, only criminals and government (some would say you could lump them together) will have guns, then the people can neither defend themselves against would be attackers, or an oppressive government. Also, in regards to killing caribou and wolves, its good for people to help manage animal populations, it prevents over population that hurts everything far more than killing a few caribou to eat.
“Sarah believes in God.” – Seriously though, even the devil believes in God, that just makes her smart. The point Ensler is trying to make is that she is a Christian, which is good, I am too.

Anyway, I knew going in that I did not agree with Eve Ensler, she supports abortion and promiscuity. She also believes that sexual activity and “sexual freedom” empower women. Sexual activity only weakens women, it damages their self esteem, and causes men to continue to view them as sexual objects, one of the very things feminists want to overcome. That being said, without the points, Eve Ensler being against Palin is enough to at least make me support her a little, without the issues even being mentioned.